Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Movies I Saw, 33 and a Third

The couch I sat on watching all these movies is now rotting in a landfill. But no worries since I got a new couch to work my ass groove into! And some philosophers doubt there's human progress??

Double Life of Veronique (**1/2)--Partial credit

Guardians of the Galaxy (**)--Can't wait for the next 17!

Autumn Sonata (***1/2)

Jaws (***)

Seconds (***1/2)

Boys From Brazil (*)--Worst movie of the year? At least have an anaconda fall on someone!

Fat Girl (**1/2)

They Live (**)

Leprechaun (*)

Ed (*)

Enigma of Kasper Hauser (***)

Upstream Color (**1/2)

Death Wish (*)

Falling Down (**)

Animal Kingdom (**1/2)

Satantango (***)--7 hour black-and-white Hungarian film set in a muddy/shitty agricultural collective. Who calls next??

CHUD (*)

Apocalpyse Now (***1/2)

Jacob's Ladder (**1/2)

Once Upon a Time in the West (***1/2)

Under the Skin (**)

Boyhood (**1/2)

As I Lay Dying (**)--At least Billy Faulkner's laughing all the way to the bank.

Transcendence (*)

Nymphomaniac I (***)

L'Avventura (**1/2)

Sharknado 2 (1)--Kelly Osburne gave us all a reason to vomit again.

What Dreams May Cum (*)--Heaven is for real boring

Breaking the Waves (**1/2)

The Girlfriend Experience (*1/2)

Repulsion (***)

Bad Words (*1/2)

The Adjustment Bureau (*)--"If this bureau ain't got Mojo Nixon, then it could use some fixin'!"

Noah (**)--I don't remember the Bible being this boring. Wait....

Blended (*)

Young & Beautiful (**1/2)

Band of Outsiders (***)

Scanners (**1/2)

Finding Vivian Maier (***)

Showgirls (4 Ice Cubes)

Summer Interlude (***)

Rage (*1/2)--Billy Corgan's fav movie, natch.

Nymphomaniac II (***)--Uhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnggg! Finished!!

Children of Paradise (***)

Draft Day (*1/2)--Homework for Peyton?

Cul de Sac (**1/2)

Mysterious Skin (**1/2)

5 Easy Pieces (***)

Last Exit To Brooklyn (**)--Stephen Baldwin's greatest role, next to Jesus.

Since we won't have anything to do on Super Sunday, I recommend watching this instead

Instead of our hearts being broken, we can be UPLIFTED, and stuff.

Omaha R.I.P.


  1. I cannot believe you rated NYMPHOMANIAC so high! And I really liked BAD WORDS!

    1. Nymphomaniac was so sexy, though! Didn't you like Uma? (But I agree Shia was terrible. Terribly sexy.)
      Bad Words just wasn't funny. Sort of like AD 4.