Friday, December 30, 2016

Movies I Sawed This Year (None Of Them Saw)

So I watched some talkies this year, as I do every year. Let's hear it for continuity of personality, people! Hip hip WHOO

Star system based on the TMZ scale: who is hawt, and who is nawt.

Star Wars (***)-- I noticed how beautiful Princess Leia was. Turnt out she was witty and bright, too! (Oops, better delete this...)

Stars Wars: Kate Chopin's The Awakening (*)

Anti Christ (****)-- Chaos Reigns

Anchorman 2 (* 1/2)-- Chris assured me it was crazy funny. Newsflash: no.

Electric Boogaloo (** 1/2)-- Sorely lacking in break dancin'.

The Apple (infinity)-- Right, Andy??

The Revenant (**1/2)

This Is Where I Leave You (**)-- Now the second movie on this list I had to look up.

Trainwreck (***)

Sarabande (***)

Clouds of Sils Maria (** 1/2)

The Dog (***)

Deadpool (**)

12 Angry Men (***1/2)-- Trump's new cabinet? (Ecch, never mind.)

Gentlemen Broncos (**)

Best of Enemies (***)

Wild at Heart (***)

Hard To Be a God (partial credit)

The Big Short (***)

Dressed To Kill (***)

Wild Tales (** 1/2)

Pawn Sacrifice (*** 1/2)

Hateful Eight (** 1/2)

The Lobster (***)

The Intern (*)-- Dad assured me it was crazy funny. Me need new family.

Irrational Man (**)-- Joaquin Phoenix gets the shaft ha ha

Mistress America (***)

Anomalisa (** 1/2)

Little Dieter Needs To Fly (***)

Superman V. Batman (* 1/2)

Don't Look Now (***)

A Walk In The Woods (* 1/2)

Darling (** 1/2)

The Tribe (** 1/2)-- What's the sound of one hand not clapping?

Green Room (***)

A Separation (*** 1/2)

The Witch (** 1/2)-- This movie turned me into a newt.

Off the Charts (***)

Yiyi (***)

Greasy Strangler (**********)

In the Mood For Love (***)

Everybody Wants Some!! (***)

Hail, Caesar! (**)

Act of Killing (*** 1/2)

Weiner Dog (***)

That's it for this year. Take it away, Toots!


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