Friday, November 20, 2015

To The Lighthouse

Amy M. picked us up at the airport, and then shoved a massive doob in my startled mouth.

"Welcome to California!!" she screamed.

"Mmph! *Cough cough* But I'm... from Colorado!"

"Shut up and get into my Camaraderie, man. And stop harshing my cool!"

 Pee for peace, people! Urine will solve all our problems! (?!)

I hadn't seen Amy M. and Gary F. in quite a while. I have to admit I remember them being more realistic. And having more dimensions. Huh! Time changes everything!

We went to the Charles M. Schulz Infinite Eternal Greatness Museum. I could barely contain myself.

"Please don't touch the colossal drawing of Lucy, Ma'am."

Amy H. was having a grand time. She curled up in a dog dish to show her support for dog dishes everywhere.

"Hey, no fair! I want to take a nap, too!"

Completely drained and satisfied, we staggered to a chair farm as a cool down from the endless excitement of an elderly man masticating grilled cheese.

"I'm a big boy, now!" 

We explored the local fauna and flora.

This tree is long and thick and hard. I just wish I could
 think of something witty to say about it..... Wait,
I've got it! It's really round, like Charlie Brown's cock!

Then we went out to a light house that was popular with the local demon worshippers. There, graciously, I added to the scenery.

"Sorry, Nature. But I win."

Here's the suspension bridge I crossed where I pretended to be brave while gently sobbing.

At the airport Amy H. complained that her burger smelled of formaldehyde. But she had the cure for that! Which is the cure for EVERYTHING

Thanks to Amy M. and Gary F. and Jeania M. and Aidan F. and Snoopy P. for the hospitality and the super Schulzy time!!!


  1. Oddly enough, that's not how I remember it happening. But whatever!!!

  2. Between Charlie Brown's **** and the demon worshipers, I'm laughing my ass off!
    It was great to meet you!
    Laura V.

  3. I appreciate that every photo of me shows my good side.

    Amy H.