Monday, December 1, 2014

The Effect Of Blindness, Deafness And Dumbness

Ahhhh, just when you think GALAXY REVOLT can't get any stupidlyer, we get this scene--one of havoc, howling, and a daze that lasts for hours (they must be in Colorado LOL).

For those with palpitating hearts be assured--the havoc stopped! Now the several different creatures are still taking there pick on the humans, laying them on the jungle floor, and taking them up to their gaint tree den (a gaint is have way between gay and taint), but at least there's no more havoc whew.

Another reassuring item: the weird creatures OWN their tree dens. None of this leasing or renting crap for them. Way to build up your equity, weird creatures!

As for our heroes, I haven't gone through the archives as exhaustively as I should half, but it seems they are unconcuoius or dazed or knocked out or in a stuporous coma for considerable portions of our tale. Could this be some sort of meta-comment for the reader?


Oh well. THE TRIO AWAKENS--coming soon to a blog near you next week.

"Are those weird creatures?! Wait... George Lucas...? FUCK"

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