Monday, December 15, 2014

The Creatures Just Laughed And Giggled Horribly

In this GALAXY REVOLT Husky gets all husky on these howling and squelling creatures. He's a bit impatient, and who can blame him. He's looking for the nearest exit, something the reader can passionately identify with.

Uh.... Is it possible that the writing, by the mature page of 216, is actually getting worse?


"They suddenly pushed agaist the wall, so valiently;"

"Craig, Mark and George were still acted, as they were knocked out."


While I believe "immiadtaly" is a province in Italy, and so valiently pushing agaist a wall means you are clinically insane, I have no idea what Craig, Mark and George are acting. Unless it's this kind of acting:

Yes, that's probably what I meant. Because Tommy Wiseau transcends space and time, folks. Space and time.

Next Week: I keep on blogging about GALAXY REVOLT. Good thinking!

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