Monday, November 24, 2014

Scared Have To Death

I like to select the most delicious segment of prose for the title of each GALAXY REVOLT post, but I have to admit this was a tough one.

"An uneasy feeling"?

"An awful yelling, howling and screaming concert"?

"They got blind, deaf, and finally they all fell unconsouis"?

So much rich, heady prose running through my ears continously. But the winner is "Scared Have To Death" because aren't we all having to have death... when have to have scaredness, have the time?

The prose, yes, but what of the accompanying illustration? Let's get in for a closer look to savor it to the max.

I'm guessing that's Craig who's been slung over some weird alien's shoulders like a bag of space potatoes. I'd say there's something super erotic about the alien's nipples and muscular torso........ But maybe we should turn away. TURN AWAY

Next Week: Craig learns what it means to "love" (dry humping).

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