Monday, November 10, 2014

And The Hole You Crashed Through

Emotion is very important in fiction. Take this scene from GALAXY REVOLT, for instance. There is no emotion whatsoever in it. Unless "comfortably numb" is an emotion...?

George gets Kiligula's pumus gun. And he is speechless. Why? Because he has no idea what's going on, just like the rest of us!

Actually, it turns out that George belongs to the GNRA (Galactic National Rifle Association), and just looking at a gun--no matter how absurd--makes him just stonied with 'mazement.

But Craig will have none of this girly emotion stuff. Even if it's over a gun.

"How are we going to get in the city without gettin' caught?"

Men, take note: if you want to cut through the emotional treacle of your womenfolk, drop the g from your verbs. It be workin' every time.

"Let's talk about our feelings."

"No can doin', babe. I'm watchin' the game!"


"Aw, you're just sayin' that to be gettin' feelin'."

*ladyfriend bursts into tears*

"Damnit, it's not workin'!"

Next Week: Roger Waters comes by to pay a visit. And then steal our pills. And our guns.

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