Monday, September 29, 2014

No One Bothered to Question Kiligula (Damn Straight)

I guess when you know everything it's hard not to come off as a smug dick. Here Kiligula can't contain his superior wisdom and announces what he knows to the group.

"He has desieces. Morons."

And why bother to question Kiligula indeed? I mean, he's just a reptile they met a few minutes ago and he's never steered them wrong before... uh, right?

Anyway, let's get Manuel picked up and drag his comatose body across this alien landscape that would make Beckett weep.

After Kiligula helpfully explains that "desieces" is a form of sickness (just as cancer is a form of cancer, yo), Craig makes a half-hearted attempt to seem concerned for his friend's fate.

"Uh, so this 'desieces' thing. He'll be alright an' shit?" (read: it's not catching?)

"Well,-- you people...."

"WHOA, WHOA, Kiligula!! No need to get nasty!"

But it's not really much of an answer, is it? "Doctor, I have this rash all over my face and genitals. Will I be alright?"

"Let's get you to the nearest medical port."

"Yes, but will I--"

"I SAID, get to the nearest medical port!!"

And that well is disturbing. Not only does it have a comma after it, but a dash too. It's like a interrobang on crack. Leave it to Kiligula to rape our earth orthography!

Next Week: Interrobangs form a gang, commit solecism after solecism!

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