Friday, August 15, 2014


Give us this Friday our necessary Reggie Update:

Reggie was banished last fall to the land of wind and black ghosts, but he's still around God bless his smutty soul. A coworker works with him downtown and had an important message for me.

"Reggie wants you to know he's going to pay you back your 27 dollars," said coworker.

"Okay, good." I held out my hand. (I mean, I really, really need that money...)

"No, he didn't give it to me. But he says he'll have it for you soon."

"So he's sending someone else to promise to pay back money he'll never pay back? He can't be phony in person? What is the world coming to!"

Coworker then went on to say that Reggie has been in the habit of hugging all the female clerks downtown, and one of them asked him to please stop. The other male clerks have vowed to come to her defense if it comes to that. They are obviously racists.

This puts me in mind how often Reggie talked about his juicy member. He would tell me it's true what they say about black men. That it's four inches....... from the ground. HA.

Reggie, this 1985 comic's for you!

It was just two years ago that this otiose blog began with this heuristic post about... wait for it... Reggie. And may we have many more years of racist and dirty penis jokes!!

Here's some random kid celebrating his birthday so you won't get confused at home.

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