Monday, August 18, 2014

Kiligula Has Very Unusaul Powers!

I think can all agree that GALAXY REVOLT seems like it's going on forever. As in the 30 star years kind of forever.

The proceedings seem so interminable that George seems on the verge of losing it. Even something as innocent as him getting out and walking over to Kiligula has an air of menace about it. But no worries. It's just wimpy George. Had it been Manuel, that'd be a different matter. Kiligula would get his fish face punched but good.

But our resident genius Kiligula brings up an interesting matter. We're not on Earth, so how do we measure time? Well, with star years, dummy. See, when the "star" gets... uh... past the meridian of Erns and it, uh, crosses the horizon of the sidereal of the geodesic parasec... uh... Look, it's just a year, all right?!?

Then again, maybe Kiligula is having a laugh? Maybe 30 star years is actually equivalent to 30 Earth days? 30 Earth minutes...? So maybe his memory isn't that capable after all.

The box, of course, is every hack's favorite device: the MacGuffin.

And, no, just because your movie is aware of its Macguffinness doesn't make it less stupid. (Admittedly, Chris Pratt would make a good Manuel....)

Next Week: They find the box, and now they are real men heh heh.

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