Monday, July 14, 2014

Do Not Complain!

In this installment of GALAXY REVOLT, we see how peer pressure can make a perplexed robot slide sideways into a space-ship while Kiligula goes bitch space cakes on everyone. This plot turn is indeed highly ridiculous, but no more so than sending the Wolf Man back in time with a talking pie, for some reason.

As Roman emperor, Kiligula was known as a man who thought deeply and yet struggled with Latin idioms. For instance, instead of "for instance," he would say things like "for anyways" which meant, "for fuck's sake."

For anyways, this planet is really quite silent because there was hardly anyone around because it's a metaphor for mental and spiritual loneliness......

Hm. Lonely. Little boy in room. Alone. Writing sad little book with pencil. Alone...

Man, I could really use a talking pie right about now...

Ehn, close enough!

Next Week: Rex gets shot out into space ha ha.

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