Monday, June 2, 2014

This Ridulous Chase

In this GALAXY REVOLT we learn a valuable lesson. Don't shoot a rabouse with your gun, unless you want about twenty rabouses running out of their holes and grasping the key.

Good God, this is filthy.

I was a sick, sick little child.

Another lesson we learn is how to pad out your writing. Have nothing to say? Then say it again! Then say it again!

But what is this key that the characters want so desperately and dully? Why, it's a Macguffin!

"Hm. Okay, his story checks out."

So, yes, our dim-witted heroes want this key, but why do the rabouses?? Is the key tasty in some way? Are the rabouses just being silly? Are they acting like younger brothers and taking stuff that belongs to you, but they don't really understand what it is themselves goddamnit?

Hm, I think I'll bring GALAXY REVOLT to my therapist this week. It's a plan so ridulous it just might work.

Next Week: Two bloody scraps exact their revenge!!

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