Monday, June 16, 2014

Now, Manuel Was Used To This

Like everyone else, I'm reading GALAXY REVOLT at two pages every week. And, like everyone else, I am baffled. Okay, how did they find them selves floating in a huge bubble?

*consults previous pages*

Nope, still baffled. I suppose, then, this is the revolt of... narrative logic?

So, uh, in order to get the Freudian key from the space rat, Manuel needed to be hit with the pumus gun which made him float around in a big bubble because if there's anything space rats hate it's, uh, big bubbles.

Yes, this is very confusing. But at least we have a super-intelligent robot here to... What? Aw hell.

Also best not to ask how something "spurs" out of a gun. Maybe getting spurred means something like this?

Aw, snap.

Next Week: Broncos Mini-camp gets hit by the pumus gun

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