Monday, March 3, 2014

On The Perimameter With My Saxomaphone

Right now I'm in negotiation with Cinemax to turn GALAXY REVOLT into a spectacular movie event for the whole family--providing your family likes a lot of soft-porn furry robot sex (which, I don't know about yours, is definitely mine).

I mean, look at all the sexy things that are happening! There are not just intruders, but surprising intruders--and when it's your colon isn't that the best kind of intruder?

Then there's Sonic 9, clearly a marital aid of some sort. Just point it at your genitals, and it will start attacking first! Meanwhile the other Sonics are all going down. HELL YEAH... Er, I mean, affirmative! (And I'm indeed affirm in my pants.)

And the plot? Like all erotic journeys, this one takes an unfeeling cliod and teaches it to feel again. Damn. How can it miss?


Next Week: Can I Watch?

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