Friday, February 28, 2014

Hic. Grr! Wump! Pow! Yow!

In this RUTGER we learn it takes a female to put a stop to all the silliness.

Sure, it's no fun, but someone has to shout at the devil. Especially when that devil is nothing more than a hairy jerk. (Whoa, whoa, Alice. Language.) In the last panel, she wears a grim, determined look as she marches back to her dorm room to unwind to something more Biblical.

Meanwhile, Jake is disappointed. He was hoping to get it in the ass by the Dark Lord. Instead he'll have to settle for the Prolapse Burrito.

And our hero? Frozen in time. Just frozen in time. (Why I was never able to sell plushy Rutgers back then I'll never know.)

Next Week: Yo' M-- Hey, my past self stole my future self's line!

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