Monday, December 16, 2013

We Don't Have The TIME!

GALAXY REVOLT has words on sheets of paper. So at least I got that right.

Poor Craig. He yells very creatively--"Helllplpblp"--nearly breaking his jaw in the process, and what does his confreres do? They continue "socializing."

But at least Kiligula is there to help out. He has a pumus gun, an excellent weapon that shoots pumas at people because sometimes you just need to shoot a puma at stuff.

"No, that would be impossible!"

Okay, never mind. I forgot that Kiligula is only around to tease the others with his useful abilities.Actually, this quality would have made a certain terrible movie much more entertaining.

"Superman! We're dying! Help us!"

"Naw. That's impossible!"

The End.

Next Week: Craig dies. Kaligula yawns.

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