Friday, October 18, 2013

Pretty Fishy

In this JOHNSON FOLLIES we conclude the improbable antics of a jolly earthquake that leaves two of the characters reflective and splayed-legged. (Walking? Standing? A prolapsed anus problem...?)

Uh.... So Mark leaves the basement, and then "stumbles" back into the earthquake. Sounds like he has more issues then just a silly earthquake. Is this a young superstar in the making??

Then there's Greg. Our glorious punchline informs us that he screams every five minutes. Sounds about right. He's a big sissy--and he's punctual. How does this comic know him so well?

Next Week: A Twister Entirely Localized In The Basement, At This Time of Year, At This Latitude (Can I see it? No.)


  1. You know, i don't have a mugshot yet, but I think that my would be no worse than Todd's. His finest moment?

  2. that was me---Jim "never been caught" Milly