Monday, October 21, 2013

You Guy's

In this GALAXY REVOLT we see that our heroes are condescending pricks filled with post-colonial assumptions and racialist buggery.

"Boy, you guy's are way more advanced then I thought!"

"What do you mean you guy's."

"No, I was just saying..."

"Uh-huh. I suppose you were expecting me and my guy's to be throwing spears or dancing the ooga-booga with wood plates in our lips?"

*Craig suddenly breaks into song* "Me and my money pick a bale of cotton...! Come on! Everyone!"

While that klan rally is going on, Manuel finally speaks. And what a line! I can see Clive Owen or Daniel Craig completely inhabiting the role!

"Why?" says Sean Connery as Manuel.

*gets handed an Oscar*

Oh, and as the sharp-eyed reader has no doubt noticed, we're missing a page. Not only did I struggle with basic writing, spelling, grammar, feeling, basic comprehension and basic syntax, but I couldn't count.

Next Week: PAGE ONE HUNDRED celebration! We'll be throwing spears and... Uh, never mind.

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