Monday, May 13, 2013

Do You YAHOO?!

In this GALAXY REVOLT we get a full-color illustration of a solar ball to fire the reader's imagination. Unfortunately, it's too late, as the reader has long ago given up on using their imagination. Instead, they stare through dry eyeballs, mouths agape, fervently praying that it will all end soon.

By the way, we're on pages 54-55. Out of 230.

"A solar bal---ughnnnn!"

The great tragedy here is that the Cliod never got a chance to finish his sentence before being disinagrated by the gravity pull of the ships. Now we'll never know what he was trying to say. Was it balk? Was it Ballesteros, the golfer? Dear God, was he trying to warn the world that Seve Ballesteros was planning to commit a balk in outer space?!?

Gliding over the matter of the solar ball (wait, maybe that's what the cliod meant.... NAW) conveniently not pulling in the good guy's ship, there are nine of ten cliod's still waiting to be disinagrated. But this is enough to set off a celebration...

Cel-ehh-brate good times, whoo! Yeah! Fists pumping, getting more excited every minute, the crew jumps around in delirious joy. But leave it up to that honky robot, Rex, to bring everyone down by reminding them they aren't out of the woods yet.

Uh... but they will be in five minutes. So, carry on.


Next Week: This goddamn chapter finally ends. But don't break out the Kool and the Gang yet, my galaxy buddies--a new chapter inexorably begins!

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