Friday, May 10, 2013

The Creaking Tree

In this JOHNSON FOLLIES we learn that it's not dogs that talk, it's trees. Huh! Makes sense, I suppose.

Let's try to walk ourselves through this: Snoopy the dog stands on a soapbox, motionless and maniacally grinning. All well and good. He looks to his left in panel two. He looks to his right in panel three, and something goes *click* behind him. The tree in the background goes *creak*

Could this be a very special type of tree?


Instead of giving of its bountiful nature, this creaking tree has a foul-mouthed dweller who, having waited for the perfect(?) moment, screams at the dog for having stolen his tape recorder.

So, to recrap: a crazy person decides to climb inside a tree, wedges himself inside its hollow (?) space, cuts out an oval shape in the bark, screws on some hinges, and then chuckles to himself. Yes, it's the perfect (??) plan. Then he pushes open the bark door with his nose and screams like a deranged lunatic. The dog ZOOMs away. And.... scene.

Does anyone else's head hurt?

Next Week: The creaking tree stamps out civilization lol.

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