Monday, April 1, 2013

They Will Include You To Us

Plenty of prose in this installment of GALAXY REVOLT. Line after line of baffling syntax and incomprehensible sentences. If only George, while rousing over the control panel, could find the STOP button. (Sorry, folks, he won't find it. After all, he's ROUSING.)

As I fight my way through this, I'm coming to the conclusion that Rex is not working as a character.

I mean, one minute he's full of sarcasm, cutting down Mark brillantly. And then the next he's a clattering concatenation of cogs and crankwheels. "B-but what would they d-do to-to m-me!"

Maybe it's time to switch out/off our robot friend. Bring in some new character to goose the space proceedings. How about a tragically untalented black man?

In Tyler Perry's I Shouldn't Have Revolted The Galaxy: The Robot Files of a Mad Black Robot Called Tyler Perry.

Or put in a rubbery yokel who's even less funny, if such a thing were possible.

Er, no.

I got it! Maybe some Christian charisma instead?

Ahhhhh. Now all is right with the galaxy....

Next Week: Target practicing with the forage! In squardron 4!

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