Friday, March 29, 2013

Hombre Mike To Replace Jay Leno!!

In this JOHNSON FOLLIES we see Greg hard at work, having transferred his drawing table into the back yard because... uh... too many fans? Because the acoustics are lousy and therefore communication with his family will be sketchy at best?? (The latter.)

Mark yells ferociously at our resident genius--apparently prohibited from coming any closer by the ghost of Snoopy. He gives up, well knowing that whatever Greg is doing is profoundly trivial and idiotic, i.e. "The Johnson Follies." (Who's the "intelluct" brother again?)

But let's take a closer look at the TV lineup, circa March 1979.

Ah, yes. "Hawiia turnips." And, look, "Pete's Turtle"! This was when television was the only game in town and you could slap any old crap on the airwaves and people would watch (as opposed to today, which is pure gold ALL THE TIME). But where is M*A*S*H? Momma's Family? B.J and the Bear?? Sorry, but the progressive "George the Girl" and "Martian Ted" shows have knocked all those others out of the Top Ten.

And, of course, "Hombre Mike" is atop the ratings. Because, you know, it's about a racist dog who speaks broken Spanish, wears a bandillo, and gets into adventures with hair dryers. Heh heh. Yes, I can see why THIS is so popular...

Yeah, you keep dreaming, li'l fella. Just keep on dreaming....

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