Monday, April 8, 2013

A Pretty Dandy Set Up

In this GALAXY REVOLT we find that TRIO needs practice with their laser-gun shooting. They aren't good. They need help. They are idiots, in fact. So off to the tabliod so they can shoot at blue spheres. Can the suspense ratchet any higher??

But poor Husky, he has to suffer from the writer's laziness and inattention to detail.

He's just a husk of his former self. See him wave his hands in the air, weakly, sadly, huskly. Will someone please get this man a "y"? Or at least a Y Translate?

In this installment we also learn that cliod's blow up like a balloon when hit (?), but the blue light spheres do not(??), and therefore are easier to target somehow(???). Then again, they're just about two meters across. Can they really be any harder to hit than your garden variety womp rat?

I mean, back in the day I used to bulls-eye them in my T-16. I called it CORVETTE SUMMER.

Next Week: Trio is forced to submit to a background check on all their laser blasters, also known as THE DAY FREEDOM DIED.

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