Friday, March 22, 2013

RRRR-- lopp?

In this JOHNSON FOLLIES we are confronted with a delima hard to explain--but, hey, these things happen when you're making shit up in a comic strip. Just ask Tom Batiuk.

Sometimes a situation in comedy can be TOO contrived, as we see here with Snoopy having swallowed his compatible hair dryer. Ah, but, but--he allegedly swallowed it. Okay, people? So settle down. The situation might be wildly implausible. Even grossly impossible. But it's all allegedly. Allegedly. Nothing has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. So put away your briefs and your torts and your powdered wigs. Allegedly.

Snoopy grows larger and larger, and seems to be getting angry in the process. Perhaps he's bound for some sort of moral lesson with a bouncy tune and choreographed midgets and such?

NAW. Instead he finds himself out in space, in a nice twist. I mean, alleged twist. Ole'!

You might be asking by this point what does a dog swallowing a hair dryer and getting propelled into outer space have to do with "follies" of a certain "Johnson" family?

Damned if I know. I just dreamed up, drew and wrote all this crap. Do I have to do everything??

Next Week: Hombre Mike takes over the Nielsen ratings!!

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