Friday, March 15, 2013

Portrait Of An Artist As A Young Idiot

In today's JOHNSON FOLLIES we learn about the anguish and torment of being an artist. The pain!

Scribble scribble! What's this? A lot of people are extremely interested in Hombre Mike, the TV Series. What universe is this again? Sure, writing scripts is fascinating stuff, and in my experience EVERYONE wants to know every detail of your retarded horseshit. What's important most of all in script writing is a CONCEPT. Once you have a great concept, the rest writes itself! That, and a class action lawsuit that requires every able-bodied man woman and child to watch.

At least our strip's token negro is around to hip things up. "Hey man, what's it's funk?" Yeah, yeah, what IS it's funk? Greg, grotesquely growing two faces, is just too white to understand the question.

By the end, our hero solves the constant harassment through... technology! Sound familiar?

Heh heh. Great gag.

But... Wait. Upon further reflection, I'm lost as to how this works. Let's see, you step up to Greg's masterwork-in-progress (sans artiste) and that trips a "computer" that says in a forbidding monotone DON'T ASK. But wouldn't it be more efficacious, since you've gone to the trouble of "computerizing" a message, to promote the work instead: COMING SOON HOMBRE MIKE ON THE CW STARRING WILLY AMES AND JIM BELUSHI!! CRIME HAS A NEW NAME AND IT'S IDIOTIC!! IT'S MUST FLEE TV!!

As an extra aside, I wonder if this magic recording device of Greg's works the same way as Johnny's?


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