Monday, March 18, 2013

Situation Normal All Foiled Up

Out into space they soar, our heros of GALAXY REVOLT!!

I hope GALAXY REVOLT has helped people with their writing. For instance, has your dialogue gotten flabby and flaccid? Have explosions ringing all around!

"How are you today, Betty?"

"Oh, same ol' same ol'."

"Yeah. It's a little cooler today."

"Never mind that. Explosions are ringing all around!!"


On the next page, we suddenly RELAX. (Can't have explosions ALL the time.) Everyone is sitting down comfortably in the back of the ship. Even Rex.

That robot really knows how to take a load off! I can just see him--putting on his robot slippers, unbuttoning his pants to let his robot gut expand and breathe freely, just settling back for a good long relaxing COMFORTABLE trip.Where are they going? They have no idea! The Dude would approve.

Rex Abides.

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