Monday, February 4, 2013

Partially Hurt Partially Alright

I think it's fair to say that GALAXY REVOLT truly descibes the human condition: "Partially hurt partially alright." How does the novel know us so well?

Our hero George Cliod arrives, and expresses relief that he didn't land on any "goony" planet. Could this planet have any really annoying kids on it, mayhaps? While it can be said that GALAXY REVOLT might truly describe stuff about being human and stuff, it's also excruciatingly criminally diarrhiarically bad. But at least it's not

(Coming soon to a Movie Minute near you.)

As it turns out, somewhat surprisingly, George has arrived on a Soviet planet. Here he is greeted as "comrade" and just narrowly escaped getting fired upon by gulag-style guard towers. Ha, ha. What a "gag." But it's all in the interest of unfettering the chains of the proletariat maniod. On another planet, of course. Remember: Communism only works in theory, and on fictional planets.

In the end, I have to give credit to my younger self for the correct use of the verb "lye"--as in, I am using "lay" to wash my hands. At least that's what I learned in E210.

Next Week: An advanced robot takes over the galaxy!!! (Why, was that?)

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