Friday, February 1, 2013


Hey, remember the Seventies when we were all streakin'? At the Oscars? And David Niven made some comment about your junk? He was such a bitch. But he made us all laugh. And think. And grow.

More pertinently, as to today's JOHNSON FOLLIES, can it be considered streakin' if you still wear your polka-dotted boxer shorts?

In panel one, the young gentlemen shouldn't just be complaining that the suit is too big--it's also giving him rickets and polio and twisting his limbs to a frightening extent. And, for some reason, turned his hands into feet.

But to get back to the streakin'. Were we blushing bright red when we did it? And if so, then why did we do it? And is it just a little creepy to be mostly undressed in front of people twice your size?

Oh well, at least he's covering up his breasts. He might be a smartaleck, but he's a MODEST smartaleck.

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