Monday, February 25, 2013

Checking All The Paratiods

In this installment of GALAXY REVOLT we bring Rex and George together in a cute-meet that is bound to make for a good Hollywood concept. Our hunky lead, looking for machines to gut for his spaceship, comes across a lovable robot--and he must decide whether to make love to his new metal pal or rip him apart. And there's a talking pie that goes back in time, for some reason.

Just one word: OSCAR

Bringing Rex and George together is reminiscent of so many classic pairings in Hollywood history--like Laurel and Hardy, Hasselhoff and The Love Bug, and those two guys from Happy Dancing Boots.

But what's this? Manuel already wants to get in the way of our classic pairing by taking up the steel bar again (apparently laser blasters are just no fun anymore). Oh, steel bar! Is there anything it can't do? Maybe the STEEL BAR can have its own spin off movie?



And then it can have its own theme song at the end of the movie (sung to Howard the Duck)!

Steel bar done got picked up
But don't bring it home to bed!
It fit so dope in your hand
And feels great when you smash it on some head!

Steel the Bar
Steel the Bar

Who knows, maybe it'll win an academy award or two...

*producer whispers in my earpiece*

What? Ugh, this just in. It looks like Inanimate Carbon Rod has swept the awards for Best Inanimation. Again. Oh, well, at least we lost to the best.

I said, we lost to the best.

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