Friday, February 22, 2013

Something Else For The Junk Collection

Last week in THE JOHNSON FOLLIES we were introduced to a demonic hair dryer that sucks, sucks to the max. Sucks so much, in fact, that all logic and reason have been giddily sucked away as well. But what's this? Snoopy, our derivative doggie, comes across the hair dryer! WARNING: COMEDY AHEAD

"That's a incredibly strange thing," Snoopy says. But is it? Is it really? Isn't it much stranger that you stand upright, pick up objects without an opposable thumb, and think cool and witty thoughts?? ISN'T IT

Oh, and you have a "junk collection"??! A "junkpile"?!! What are you, Fred Sanford?!?! (God bless his smutty soul.)

*cue theme song*

And one other thing, maybe the hair dryer--since it's so incredibly strange--can be used to do some high-powered doggy liposuction, eh?

Or maybe just buy biscuits made out of almond paste?

Next Week: HOMBRE MIKE!!

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