Friday, January 4, 2013

Terribly Gaushe Idiots

In this allegorical JOHNSON FOLLIES, we see all the elements of society cannily represented by a collection of terribly gaushe idiots.

First we have Mark. He represents the welfare state while Snoopy is the hard-working American taxpayer who can only communicate in thought balloons for some reason. Yeah, that's it.

Meanwhile, Greg and his rich lady friend are involved in their own romcom plot. She slapped him, he naturally ran away, and now she gives chase, wanting to know more about this mysterious hunkster who runs with his arms flailing and bending about like spastic noodles on meth all while his face melts off. Romance! Comedy.... enh, no so much.

It all ends the way every Hollywood film should: with someone saying "ouch!" in the midst of a KABAM! fireball.

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