Monday, January 7, 2013

Plan X1 From Outer Space

In today's installment of GALAXY REVOLT we are treated to the sight of attack ships beautifully spewing out of big bulbous mushroom-headed buildings. Hmmmmmm. I'd like to make a sex joke about this, but I'm not sure I can. I really, really want to, though.

Anyway, we are now on CHAPTER FIVE and we get our FIRST ATTACK. That's right, just the first attack of many, my space friends. We also get our first footnote. And thank God for that, since I was unclear  on why Gala-xaster named his robots Cliod's. Now... ONWARD!!

Uh... but what's this?

"There isn't a thing here!... He spotted us coming on radar..."

Ugh. All that heart-racing suspense and for nothing. Literally nothing. Oh well. At least we have Plan X1. That should take things to a higher level.

In closing, I'm sure by now many of you have noticed the uncanny similarities between GALAXY REVOLT and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. One is an addictive TV show where once you watch the first episode you can't stop watching until you lose your job and they turn off your power, the other is a book where it takes years of concentration and hard work to get through the first sentence. But, hey, once you get through that sentence then there's another. And another! Before you know it you're like that old man in 2001 SPACE ODYSSEY wondering where all the time went and not understanding a damn thing. So, yeah, GALAXY REVOLT. Why do people even bother with that GALACTICA thing...? Bunch of phonies.

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