Friday, January 11, 2013

Ho-Hum For Boredom

In this installment of THE JOHNSON FOLLIES we get closer to a derivative doggie, and are worse for it.

You younger folk may not know this, but there was a very popular poster that hung in the dorm rooms of all the cool kids back in the seventies and early eighties.

Indeed, Snoopy poignantly expressed the worldweary ennui and hopeless resignation of the college hepdog back then. All over campus, in classrooms, at parties and mixers, people were saying "Ho-hum for boredom." And if you didn't catch the reference, you were POWERFULLY UNCOOL. It was our slogan for a new generation.

A poster for today, however, would probably look like this, what with all the tying up and nipple clamps and cock rings that the young people are into these days.

From Boredom to Bondage: One Dog's Journey. Get your copy at Borders now!!

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