Monday, January 14, 2013


In this GALAXY REVOLT, we learn what Plan X1 is (so cruelly withheld for a full week; sorry, fans!), enjoy the spectacle of a moon being taken apart piece by piece (a moon made not of cheese but Legos, apparently), and then are treated to the exploits of a true HERO.

The action really heats up as the Cliod's start taking the moon apart--piece by piece, mind you, can't you see it in your mind's eye??--and George Cliod does what only any great hero would do: he panics like a space sissy. "Let's get outta here and fast!" he screams as he seizes the nearest maniod to protect his trembling flesh. Admittedly, Cliod's are taking the whole moon apart piece by piece, but shouldn't he show a bit more shall we say sangfroid in the face of the destruction that his own created robots are wreaking? Then again, to be fair, there was a *KRBLAMM* and a "herendous" city popping out of the ground. Hell, I'd be screaming and grabbing for my maniod, too. If nothing else, out of utter confusion. (I wrote this, but I have no idea what Plan X1 really is; can anyone help?)

Next week: A morge malfunctions and other herendous confusions and complications!


  1. Plan X1 was the diversion, Greg. And anyway, how do you pronounce Gala-xaster? Is that like a galaxy disaster?

    1. I refer you to

      I'm starting to suspect you haven't read every word of my posts. COME ON (Besides, with the Broncos done you now have plenty of time to pore over every delicious word...)