Monday, January 28, 2013

Galaxy Revolt... IN COLOR

H-hey o-out there!! Here's another installment of GALAXY REVOLT. Prepare to thrill at the spectacle in vivid Sensasurround Color (tm) of George Cliod getting his ass blown off.

But at least his maniod is there to look on, and perhaps have a private chuckle. "Oh, this is rich," he thinks. "I'll just hang back here and watch the show. Later I'll tell him I tried to help, but... you know."

Speaking of show, I think GALAXY REVOLT has proved itself to have all the elements of a great summer blockbuster movie. I mean, there's a big red fireball and a man screaming in helpless terror. It's not clear why any of this is happening, but is it any different than a Michael Bay movie? KRBLAM!

Now all we need is a marketing campaign. The tagline could be: "It's Midnight and the Galaxy Is Revolting--Do You Know Where Your Robot Is?" And then show people getting blown up real good.

Other taglines could work too.

"In a galaxy where dreams are just out of reach, towers rise up out of the snow-covered ground and blow shit up!"

"Together they took the most dangerous chance of all: they let their dumb morge burn out!"

"This time it's personal--or as personal as it can be with a bunch of weird-ass robots."


Any other ideas?

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