Friday, January 25, 2013

Funk, Funk, FUNK!

Today in THE JOHNSON FOLLIES we are introduced to a new character and get the results of our dog naming "contest." Both are very, very lame. Very.

Hey, hey, hey! I'd like to believe that Cliff was meant as a sort of Magical Negro, the kind who will help the the painfully whitebread Johnsons with their powerfully funkless and abso-funking-lutely funkless non-funkitudinousness.

"This family needs a funk enema!"

However, Greg refuses to get funked in the ass. "Funk that," he says, beating the funk puns into the ground until there's a funkereal. Yes, Cliff's funkeopathic medicine is rudely rejected by Greg. Clearly, the hero of our cartoon is a hideous racist. And how funking funny is that!

But not to end on too down a note (hey, it was seventies, everyone was racist back then... uh. right?), the following is provided as a service to the funk-deprived reader. Just print out the two following images and flip back and forth, back and forth very fast, and...... MIND WILL BE BLOWN

Hmm. I guess he is kinda magical, after all. Enjoy!!

The answer was "Charlie." Did anyone get it? ("Gary Ruff" was a close second.)

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