Friday, December 28, 2012

Yes, It Was Something You Said

In this JOHNSON FOLLIES I think we can all agree that Greg had it coming. I mean *sob* he was wondering *sniffle* where his brother was, getting all Shakespearian and shit down on one knee. So quite naturally the rich lady slapped him. HARD.

Ah. My luck with the ladies started early in life. If only we could see it in slo-mo. Again and again. Hey, look forward to next three decades, dickhead!

As a final note, is the rich girl's brother's name really Ozzzborne? Or do rich people habitually force a vibrato over voiced palatives? Apparently, yes. Maybe Greg would have made a better impression had he said something like "Oh pleazzze where can my dear brozzzhah be?"? No.....?

The rich: they really are different.

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