Friday, December 7, 2012

The Supersonic Doggie

In this space-annihilating installment of THE JOHNSON FOLLIES, we witness a dog break the sound barrier.

Science teaches us that breaking the sound barrier has many interesting consequences. One of them is apparently turning young children into Borscht-belt Yiddish comedians, as it has seemingly done to Chris. 

"Vhere is my gefilte fish? Oy vey!" But is he exclaiming or asking a question? I am supposed to know?!

The next panel has a certain strange evanescent beauty to it. Ah, watching a dog roar on the horizon and violate all space and time. It's like a poem by Basho! Or Jewel!

There goes a dog
Oh, it thrills my heart
Just a black star
On the horizon
Some day soon
I'll sell that dog
On the black market
And fix my gross teeth

Of course, we can't end a JOHNSON FOLLIES without the usual wild, unrestrained mugging.

Mark utters "Help?" with a question mark because let's admit it if you were riding bareback on a supersonic doggie you'd never want to be rescued either. Sure, you'll burn up on re-entry, but wasn't the stretched cheek skin and Nixon impersonation worth it?

Then there's Greg. "YIIIIIIIIIIII!"

Sheesh. What a pussy.

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