Monday, December 10, 2012

An Evilish Force!

Today in GALAXY REVOLT we are introduced to our villain. Part blender, part sadistic yoga instructor, Gala-xaster promises to mercilessly tone your thighs and flatten your space bellies!

But first we must dispense with our robot friend, Rex. As is his wont, he gets his metal ass deactivated yet again by a star-patrol man who helpfully supplies his own sound effects. "Krrzt!" he yells. "You're deactivated, robot. Stop moving! I said, KRRZT!! COME ON!"
Poor Rex. He has to be left right there while yet another story is beggining somewhere else. Isn't that always the case with robots? Especially ones that run on DOS?
But let us approach the awful sublimity of Gala-xaster.
 Er, let's take a few steps back.
Anyway, it seems that Gala-xaster was him/her/itself prosecuted by an evilish force. What exactly is "evilish," you don't ask? 
Evilish is.... Howie Mandel.
Evilish is.... that bit of lint in your giant, crateresque belly button.
Evilish is.... that zip-loc baggie that won't close all the way no matter how much you run your nail over the goddamn sealing lines.
Evilish is.... Dracula's toothbrush.
Evilish is.... my family.
Next week: Gala-xaster, true to his/her/its name somehow, takes over the galaxy!!

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