Monday, December 17, 2012

Main Purpose: To Kill Etc.

Today we see GALAXY REVOLT anticipate the Singularity, the time when machine intelligence overtakes human intelligence and starts producing their own reality shows. 2042 is the year, folks. Something to look forward to after the world ends this Friday!

Cliod's make Cliod's, and on and on it goes, a veritable army of clone--er, cliod's, who will conquer the galaxy, and so forth.

If only I could manufacture some blog followers as Gala-xaster does. Ah, the fantasies of a lonely little boy in his room, dreaming of being able to make friends out of metal and other equipment.

Then again, what's the point of having clone friends or followers if you don't start attacking planets?

As we learn, George Cliod is so wealthy he owns a moon. Cliod's Moon, to be exact. Where Cliod's come from, apparently--and incoherently. Someday we won't be allowed to call our own moon the moon, but Trump's Grand Luxury Planetoid.

The future: embrace it.

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