Friday, December 14, 2012

Wook! And Then Wook Again!

In today's hysterical edition of THE JOHNSON FOLLIES, we see lots of screaming and flailing about and roaring and screeching and panicky screams for help. A child rides a beserk animal. Boys run away in a panic. Legs spin like propellers. Animals and children are stitched together by a lunatic. And so forth.

All in all, what better way to get us in the holiday spirit?
Mark bellows to all the gods in heaven for help. But is he really deserving? Maybe if he'd just let go.....?
Then Greg runs to the right.

Then he runs to the left.
Good thing his hair wasn't on fire too. Then he'd really panic.

In the end (ha), Mark's ass is tantalizingly close to the dog's mouth. Bottom line, one could indeed say Mark and Snoopy form an early interspecies centipede prototype, just like in the horror movie.
Sure, it's disgusting and, worst of all, Dutch, but the comic had to end somewhere, didn't it?
"Is it over?"
Answer: "No. No, it is not. May God have mercy on our rectums."

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