Monday, September 24, 2012

Sadly Enough

In this installment of GALAXY REVOLT, things are suddenly not so sexy. Things are getting blown to smith-erens; and people are getting blasted in the face; also, being left dead beyond recogition. 
In Sigmund Freud's essay, "Civilization and Its Discontents," the good doctor argues convincingly about society's ineluctable attraction toward death, also penis. Now, had Freud read GALAXY REVOLT*, he would nod over his big pipe and say, "Vhat iss zhis??"
At least the concept of suspense isn't "dead" in these pages. Amirite, folks? Note how Javas doesn't bother to kill Husky for the moment, but just waits for the moment to blow that plus-sized motherfucker away, in the face. But could he? Noooo. He had to inexplicably wait for Moria, his secret lover, to complete his side of the job. But this side of the job--namely, Husky's master, who is nameless--was less cooperative!
Wait. I'm misreading. I thought Moria failed in his job (to create the requisite suspense?), but instead, due to his fatal lack of patience, he blasted his enemy, in the face. Yeah, I think that's right. Anyway, imagine how many James Bond films would end with wonderful abruptness if the villains had no patience like our Moria?
Barely would the opening credits finish before Bond was left dead beyond recogition.**
Death, reader, brings out a spectrum of emotion in us all. As for Husky, at the death of his master, he started acting furiously. Which means he was sadly angry, or angrily grief-stricken. All because of the death of a man who regularly flogged him Roots-style and kept him in abject bondage (a sort of galactic Stockholm Syndrome thingy?). And so we have our first true cartharsis, as the reader learns that in THIS universe people be dyin' an' shit.
Next week we'll learn about Spinoza's concept of pantheism, also penis.
* Most ridiculous sentence ever?
** Webster's Dictionary defines "recogition" as losing your cogs and then getting them put, uh, back. You know, "recogged."  

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