Friday, September 21, 2012

Real Folly

In this edition of JOHNSON FOLLIES, we see what happens when brothers stop acting nice and start acting REAL.

The comparison is pretty obvious, isn't it?

The JOHNSON FOLLIES may not have had hot chicks, exotic settings, infinite douchebagerie, or anything interesting at all happening, but it did have one singularly cool guy:

Now, I ask you, can any member of THE REAL WORLD stack up against Mark's savoir faire petite fours bonhomie?

Okay, maybe one.

A full decade before the first THE REAL WORLD season aired, a bunch of strangers who happened to be (SPOILER ALERT) brothers are forced to live together in one house and deal with their feelings, and stuff. Much pointless arguing ensues. Thankfully, the cameras are there to catch it all!

Fashion statements are also made:

To round out the cast, there is a dog with a serious drug problem.

Ha, ha! Dumb fucking dog! But will we be laughing when he's in rehab talking to Dr Drew about how a schnauzer once touched his butthole? (YES.)

Next week, Mark and Chris kiss in the hot tub, Greg punches out Charlie, and then asks his mother to move out of the house.


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  1. Another similarity? You too have a Dr. Drew. Although he isn't a doctor. And you call him Andy.