Friday, January 13, 2017

Be a Carrie Fisher of Men (Stop Pynchon Around)

(Written by Billy, age 7-- Wait, I mean, by me after my gum surgery, with an ice pack to my face and after taking a wee too many drugs:)

Mom there! you are, ah yeah. Hey w're at Perkins..? dd I told mama... wuh...



"Waffles, no. What you say?'>

List en. Listen.


Will you listen?

>>? So Mom lisstened o me talk about Dad. He was you knowDAD? and that's it. But that beardy fe llow was like...

Hey y
       ou going to Japan Dad? And he YAH.

say you know about Murakami (jap fellow)??

He say: What that?

SNORT***!!  He eh he

He up for Nobel PRIZE dad. YAH doofus ... Ok

Dad not happy, chop falled    .so he get me back! say I know this          wh
Hernando Soto? What? And I say no, he"s writer? No Dad SNORT back in my face. He's an             **  Economist!! Oh in my face Dad in my face, I see

Thens.. I bring up Gibbon Fall and DeCline of teh Ramen Empire some smart reading like what we're going through now, folk? And dad didn't know, never read it, but asked me when Ottoman stopped being Ottomen not the fur niture ha he

Otto, man. There's 1 palindrome you won't xx here any more!!

But no, dad, tell me. And he snuuugggly say, 1914. HISTORY! Mm, not sure if that's precise but I say nothing in our little pissing contest of bits of info, prove whose cock BIGGEST ya


 So oo I tel,l Moms all this? and she like to hear that pissing wi Dad just music to ears! ...So what she get me Jesus day? She get Me's GIBBON DECLINE!!! !


That's Mom, her hi-level psycho game of pass-aggro-aggreassion!! See, she say through Book: I'm a smart lady. Oh, and--


Yay. yay Merri Chrxmas.

Ho, an al tht


. d then M oo om talk about her Funeral, cause lady all over the place in her wild emotion, so sh  need some athis good shit, drugs rr


ut Moom say     hey?  want that Jame Taylor at  m,y funeral, ! He so good that man, just sing war ble his easy go folk shit, oh yes

Well Moms, too bad I wont be able to attend yor Funerl

Why NOt??

I hate JAMe TAYLORES!! You d o nn make me! SIT thyrough his saccchrine bulst garbagE-- at your Funeral!!



Mom clutz her chest. You. are. awful.

Thannnnnks mummemshansch. And Roger One suced my apsoce ass!

Awful!! yo

hey Wafffle done. P paid the bill walded to  Ccar, proud in sun light, happy t lastt.. !



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