Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Arch Simpel Lives!!!

Here I am getting touched by a woman. It was my first, and last, time. My name was Arch Simpel back then because I was hiding my identity, and my dignity.

My cartoons were usually about the issues of the day--and one of these issues was graffiti and how it was tearing apart the fabric of our nation. Thankfully, my cartoon helped illuminate and enlighten and bedazzle tens of readers.

Tom Homburger was there. Also, Riffel is a Nazi ha ha.

Then there was the anxiety of getting rejected by Harvard and Yale, felt by absolutely no one except the greatest among us.

I remember spending a LOT of time getting the thumb just right. Somehow it didn't get me elected Prom King for Life.

(Nice stinger at the end, Priscilla!)

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