Monday, March 2, 2015

Super Fast Speed!

In this GALAXY WARS we get information by computer that we feel... rather indifferent about. Hey, I get it: it's making fun of this blog!

*feelings hurt*

Stupid computer.

After the starman casually reports the brutal exucution of his fellows, he goes for a swim--pranking everyone that a shark is swimming in the water. Little known fact: starmen are hilarious.

As for the poofy-hatted commander, his face is familiar. It is yours, dear reader. It. Is. YOURS.

But the real issue is when is that nipple thing above them going to destroy them all?!?

In the next panel our failed starmen, tired but happy from the utter failure of their mission, open up the throttles on their star planes and get home for a nice homecooked meal of Tang and Hot Pockets....

"Holy Space Crap!! Did you see that laser go right by us?!? 
Good thing we're going super fast, Chuck."
"I told you not to call me Chuck."

Meanwhile, after all this excitement and stony indifference, we need to have our heart rates brought down just a touch. How? By a rountine check of robots!

Thrill! As WRL-10 asks for ID numbers!! And gets back in return that number he asked for!!!


Next Week: Tune in to find out. Or don't. See if I care.


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