Monday, March 9, 2015

Ground Control To Starman Tom, Are You There, This Is So Poignant and I'm so so high

In this GALAXY WARS we are treated to the full majesty of WRL-10's gangsta laser. See, he doesn't need to whip it out--it's already there coming out from his chestal region!

"Die, Starman scum!"

Because we have a Starman breathing weird under all that plastic, he gets disoriented and flubs his number identification code. Huh! Who knew security access codes could lead to such high excitement? Maybe if he wore it on a lanyard?

After the unbearable suspense of the climax, we have the loosening of tension in the denouement. WRL-10 generously provides us with that, uh, release.

"Starman flambe, anyone? *I'm deliciously witty*"

Now we get a bit of exposition that clears everything up. You see, they are going to build a new complex on Zimrar. My real question is, where in god's name did I get ZIMRAR from? How high could my little brain get back then??

Next Week: Off to ZIMRAR!!!

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