Monday, January 5, 2015

They Were To Frightened To Fight

For those keeping score at home, you are very sad. Also, you'll notice that in my breathless rush to gain deliverance from the crushing monotony of having to write GALAXY REVOLT, I skipped a page. A Freudian slip--but with lasers!

"Great George!"

Whoa, whoa. Watch the language, Trio!

This must be because George is firing his gun, so gallently. "Great, George! Now bring that gallent ass over here, space boy!"

So we get the money shot: all the creatures are suspended in the bubble, except for the endless others who keep crashing the pumus party, and then who leave just as soon as they come. A bit Groucho-esque, eh?

"I came to say, I cannot stay!"

I think Harpo would have made a great Manuel. Someone get on that, won't you?!

Next Week: Wha....? There's another week of this crap? *hangs head in defeat*

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