Monday, December 8, 2014

They Captured The Humans, Sucsessfully

Move over Tommy and Don--GALAXY REVOLT is in town!! And what a bloody awful town it is!

I don't know about you (if you're a human), but whenever I capture someone I throw leaves, suck on my toes (wtf), and indulge in dancing rituals and other absurd acts. Because... WHY NOT.

But are our heroes going to just take all this toe-sucking nonsense?!? NO. By God, they're going to open their eyes at a slit and cock their guns. Silently.

Sure, it's a really great plan and all, but wouldn't you know that HUSKY has to ruin it all. It turns out he doesn't like being held against his will!

He also doesn't like being called fat.

Or chunktastic.

Next Week: We'll be catching all the toe sucking now!

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