Monday, December 22, 2014

The Creatures Were All Running Around

Can it be that Husky is revolting against GALAXY REVOLT itself? Ah, Pirandello! Thou clown of the proscenium! (These edibles are great!)

You have to love these "creatures." Not only are they getting hurdled agaist walls, and finding themselves really not up to it, they get confused by all the blasting and hurdling. Who wouldn't!

George waits until there's absolutely no chance whatsoever of there being not even the slightest possibility of consideration that someone might have some minor harm done unto him, remotely, before acting. HERO.

And no doubt he knocked the creature over the head when the creature was already unconscious, or perhaps dead. Can't take any chances. It's a creature, after all.

Next Week: Blasting and Hurdling--a new Olympic event!

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